Little castles in the wildlands

There must be a zeitgeist because Ben (Questing Beast), echoed by others, is getting at pretty much how I’m also evolving my own participation consumption of the OSR after G+ implodes.

Since Jacob Hurst recommended Inoreader, I’ve enjoyed the blogs more than ever. Lined up neatly in night mode on my phone, I’ve read, reread, and saved more than ever before.

Years ago, I participated in photoblogging. I shared my work, bettered myself as a photographer, and met many friends from around the planet. It finally collated in Flickr (the G+ of that scene), then disseminated when Yahoo bought and broke it. I loved Flickr. I met my wife on Flickr. She, teaching English in China, made a leap to fly home and jump into a relationship. We’ve been together since.

Instagram is alright, though it’s always felt like a homogenized subflickr. People are there, so am I, though somewhat noncommittal. It’s just pictures of my kids.

The point I’m meandering to, is that above all, I miss those idiosyncratic photoblogs. Each one an expression of their author. The blogs of the OSR are like that too, little castles in the wildlands of the untamed internet.

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