DnD this year, 2019

I waste so much energy with systems. This year, just pick a system and work with nothing else. I’m just going to throw it all into BX, because eventually with me, I always end up there.

Regarding BX, I’m going to put together that pile of random notes and things in my head and home brew it into a few pages of playable game. I’m working from Gavin Norman’s excellent BX Essentials, trimming and adding from there. Alex Schroeder’s Halberds & Helmets is a big influence. I enjoy his iterative approach and simple, classic game. Focus on light and casual. I want something folded up, pretty, and played by the end of the year.

Develop the world. Make a lot dungeons. Accept that for the most part, D&D is a calm excercise of drawing dungeons in a notebook and developing something creative out of my real world observations and anxieties.

Oh, and lighten up about the whole enterprise and just run some games.

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