Into the Dungeon

Since I’ve found myself back in DnD for [woah] several years now, I’ve had a number of misadventures in design. I’ve fiddled about with the system more than anything, leaving the design of adventures to others but wrung my hands needlessly over the building of worlds.

I’ve misplaced my attentions many times over. Some months ago, however, I began the most analog of tasks: simply transcribing a popular dungeon (Tomb of the Serpent King) into a small notebook. It’s been a quiet little activity that I perform in the dark and quiet hours before I head off to the hospital for work, amusing myself at the notion that I inhabit this little notebook dungeon before I have to spend my day in three hallways of a critical care ward.

No one’s even cracked the door of, and I’m not certain when anyone will, but the shear act of making this little thing has given me several hours of pleasure.