Welcome to my phone

My computer is nearly dead – a simple chromebook bought as I began taking classes again. I bought it to replace the Ubuntu laptop, itself bought to replace the Macs, owned when I cared about performance.

My wife has a Mac. It’s getting on in years, and she doesn’t maintain it so it whines and groans on startup, trying to load applications she doesn’t use or log in to a near defunct yahoo account.

And, as you all know, G+ is dying.

So really, all I have is this phone. Turns out I’m fine with this little machine packed with OSR feeds. My plan is to tap these posts into this little keyboard.

So here’s something maybe useful:

The Royal Robe of Sloth

Constructed of the finest of materials, the Royal Robe of Sloth is rumored to be the daily garb of the richest, most decadent of rulers. If not currently worn, everyone who sees it must save +2 vs paralysis or be irresistibly drawn to its luxury.

Once adorned, the character assumes a recumbent position, making all conversation as sharp orders, followed by two claps of the hands. To remove the robe, the player must save vs paralysis, once per day at +3, +2, etc to -3 each day following, wherein the cycle begins again.

If others attempt to remove the robe, the character who has donned it will only kick weakly as resistance. Once off, the cycle of save or don will begin again until everyone is out of site of the robe.