Chronicles of Aeld

Age of Wolf

Dungeon Master: Michael Julius

The Good Knife
Bellows, Age of Wolf
IA shine which surely outshines other
blades like it, glimmered bright
unlike the menace of cold moonlight.
Yes, this is a good knife.Until six written lines from now, this blade
held fast by its hilt in a gnarled grip
on an oddly sinewed arm, outstretched
through a window in a high bent tower
in the center of the crooked city of Bellows.
Its ten sharp inches aimed at the ground
was released into the pale night and open air
and for one sworn moment, seemed to hover
before descending with ease into the airy eve
leaving behind the aforementioned moonlight.
On a lower roof it landed and slid, till caught
the glimmering blade, on an outcrop, launched
into a murder of crows, which fled the scene
then fell to the street, and struck hard stone
the loud song ringing ecstatic into the night.